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Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2023

VP of Marketing (Remote)

SmartPass is hiring! We’re developing next-generation educational technology — starting with a digital hall pass serving 1,000+ K-12 schools in 6 countries and 2+ million educators & students today.

Who we are

SmartPass is a digital student movement solution that has rapidly grown from serving 100 schools to 2000 schools across the US in just two years. We give school staff visibility and control over the activities in their school, ultimately creating safer hallways, increasing instructional time, and better outcomes for students.
Today, SmartPass serves over 2 million students in 1,000+ schools in 6 countries to maximize instructional time and improve student outcomes. SmartPass is on-track to be one of the fastest-growing startups in K-12. And we’re just getting started.
We’re backed by the leading investors in K-12 Edtech, including Reach Capital, Edovate Capital, Precursor Ventures, the founder of SchoolMint, and more. Currently, the team is 41 people.

Position Summary

This role will report to the CEO/Co-founder with a focus on increasing demand generation efforts at the top of the funnel. You will build their first marketing team, determining the right mix of expertise and resources and developing infrastructure and best practices. You’ll take their initial approach to data analytics and experimentation to the next level, and be responsible for setting marketing strategy and driving profitable growth.
Build and develop high performing marketing organization, determining what talent, processes, technology, and resources are necessary to fuel awareness and conversion
Create marketing strategy, collaborating with executive team to align with growth goals and overall company strategy
Lead demand generation efforts, defining KPIs, evaluating pipeline, filling funnel, experimenting and scaling what’s working, hiring as needed, and using data-driven processes to identify and iterate going forward
Drive top-of-funnel awareness, conversion, and product adoption; leverage marketing ads, content, and community marketing to build trust, increase word of mouth, and encourage virality
Collaborate with sales, customer success, and product management to drive enterprise sales, expansion, and retention
Determine appropriate marketing budget for talent, technology, and paid demand generation
Hire, develop, and mentor the marketing team; determine skills sets and expertise necessary; scale marketing organization to support growth
Identify desired marketing tech stack to enable data-driven function
Essential Requirements:
Proven marketing executive with successful SaaS B2B track record of consistently meeting goals in fast growth companies of relevant size/scale
Strong marketing playbook, understanding the buyer persona and the marketing motions associated with that customer journey
Ability to create frameworks for end-to-end lead generation to handoff to sales, defining a process of Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads
Leadership experience with demonstrated success building out a marketing team/function, determining process best practices and right mix of expertise, as well as appropriate tech stack, budgets, KPIs, etc.
Expertise in demand generation, with experience in both paid and unpaid
Startup ready; energized by diving in and getting hands dirty
Experience and successful track record in experimentation and A/B testing
Fast moving with bias for action, but also detail-oriented
Experience implementing marketing methodology and establishing a culture of accountability
Data-driven marketer with background in creating quantifiable data-driven programs
Experience in community marketing, content marketing, and/or product marketing skills/experience are all valuable for this role; demand generation expertise is top priority
K-12 Ed Tech experience is preferred

Why you might be excited about us

We’re building software that reduces admin and teacher burden, making schools a better learning environment. If you’re into education and love helping principals and teachers, you will love helping our customers make SmartPass easier to use.
We’re small, so you’ll have big responsibilities and lay the groundwork as we start scaling.
Get in at the ground-level of a fast-growing startup. Funded by one of the leading EdTech VC firms, we are well supported for who we want to be.
Our team has a wide range of experiences (folks from Microsoft, Salesforce, GoGuardian, Nielsen, previous startups, and K-12 administrators/teachers).
Our culture is simple: we work hard, we’re lifelong learners, and we’re fun. For example, at every monthly all-hands, we start with a “memes of the month” and then dive deep into the work someone is doing.
We'll mold your role to shape a career you're excited about. We care a ton about your satisfaction and job happiness, and will help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future.
Our solution meets a need that all Principals have. It allows us to solve some of the operational concerns schools have so they can focus on the most important piece… educating our children.

Why you might not be excited about us

We’re small (~40 people in the company right now), so if you like more established companies, it’s not (yet) the right time. You’ll help build our company’s culture.
Since we’re an early stage startup, projects and priorities may shift. We’ll expect you to bring your own experience and give input to shift these priorities, too.
Our customers love us, and there's a lot we can improve. It's a great place to be, but means there's some jank. (Nothing too scary! 😃).

Go Deeper

Check out our support site to watch some videos and see how SmartPass works!