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Senior UI/UX Designer

Quadrant Eye

Quadrant Eye

San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Senior UI/UX Designer

** This role has been filled, but please feel free to drop us your resume and a quick note if you'd like to stay in touch for the future!
Full-time, SF Bay/Remote

About Quadrant Eye

Quadrant Eye is on a mission to improve eyecare access and fight preventable blindness. We're building the next generation eye exam... inside the average American home.
V1 of our eye exam allows patients to renew their glasses and contact lens prescriptions online. V_final will be an end-to-end exam that can remotely detect eye abnormalities.
Our team wants to enable patients' best and most visually rich lives. To this end, we're looking for curious and nimble minds to help us develop the world's first at-home eye exam and ultimately deliver high-quality eyecare at scale.

Some QE highlights:

🐝 We're a team of surgeons, scientists, and polymath hackers.
💸 Our backers include Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, and the creator of Google Image Search.
🍥 We're a mission-driven company tackling an eye health market worth $USD137B.
🌟 Our core focus in the coming months is the development of patentable deep tech.
🔬 Our founders:
Quinn is a Duke and UCSF-trained cataract surgeon who loves skiing up volcanoes, and
Kristine is a UC Berkeley-trained biologist/engineer who likes exploring ghost towns.

Your Mission as QE's Founding Designer:

Tackle challenging and meaningful design problems inherent to a new category of telehealth: at-home eyecare.
Iterate upon on our existing web-app to make its design more interactive and clinically accurate.
Design phone apps that leverage 1) gesture-based interactions in 3D space, and 2) multimedia formats such as video and audio.
Conduct user interviews with our core group(s) of patients.
Please note: This is a foundational role — we are looking for our first full-time design hire, but we are not looking for an additional co-founder.
Optional: Develop patentable eye exam features alongside our research and engineering teams.
Optional: Guide our rebrand as we expand our product line to reach new user personas.

tl;dr: We're looking for a visionary designer to help us create an eye exam that anyone — regardless of age, education level, or mobility constraints — can use.

We're looking for someone who:

Has 3+ years experience designing software products (healthcare products preferred but not required.)
Can design 2D interfaces in addition to 3D gestures and workflows.
Has deep empathy and interest in understanding users, particularly those who may have technology and mobility limitations.
Has a masterful touch in crafting unique but elegant interactions.
Favors simplicity and ease of use over flair, although some flair is definitely appreciated.
Ability to leverage both qualitative and quantitative data to guide design decisions.
Is occasionally able to conduct onsite user interviews (our users personas are fairly common, so as long as you don't live on a remote island inhabited only by sheep, this should be doable.)
Respects patient privacy and human dignity.
Bonus qualifications
Experience designing for eldercare, healthcare products, and or 3D gesture based interactions (such as in virtual or augmented reality.)
Experience shipping and innovating in a fast-paced early startup culture.

You'll likely enjoy working at QE if you:

Thrive with lots of autonomy.
Value being part of a team and can embrace remote-specific teamwork challenges.
Can think both abstractly and concretely.
Communicate clearly and kindly.
Are willing to experiment quickly and publicly.
Can accept imperfection and own up to inevitable mistakes.
Want to make a positive impact on the world.
Are endlessly curious.
Want to tackle unique and challenging design problems that go far beyond the standard 2D interfaces commonly seen in software design.

Quinn and Kristine's Pledge 🐝

If you're looking at this, you're likely already considering forgoing big company comforts for the rollercoaster startup life.
We're working hard to build the fun, creative, and truly respectful company culture that we always wanted for ourselves. That means full transparency, no politics, 100% merit-based promotions, and lots of jokes.
Should you choose to join QE, the two of us pledge to fully support you through and beyond your eyecare journey. We also pledge to practice diagonal organizational mobility — if there’s another role you become interested in, we will prioritize the QE family before sourcing hires externally.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration. We hope you decide to take a chance on us!

Interested in joining our team? Here are next steps: ✉️

Email jobs@quadranteye.com with the job title as the subject line e.g. "Head of Research." or "Senior Software Engineer"
In this email, please:
Attach your latest resume/CV (and portfolio, if in design).
Write down the name and email address of the person who referred you (if applicable.)
We see interviews as an opportunity to assess culture fit and team dynamics. We want to get a sense of how well we'll work together.
We respect your time and make decisions fast
Please refer your friends! We're offering a $2500 finder’s fee for each position.🦋