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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

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Welcome to Arkive!

Arkive is building a museum collection of art and cultural works curated and owned by our members. Thousands of global members participate in the process of sourcing, proposing, voting, funding, and acquiring works into the collection. We then work with a network of exhibitions, museums, and other public spaces globally to display the collection. In doing so, Arkive is building a vehicle to democratize, decentralize, and expand accessibility to how art curation and museums are interpreted.

Here’s where you come in

Well, you tell us! If there’s a role that we don’t cover on our main page but have an interesting role in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Scroll down and apply, or come say hi to us at hello@arkive.net.

But why Arkive?

A core team with experience founding 9 startups with 5 exits, including to Coinbase. Founder-market fit like crazy with a team of private art curators, logistics and item storage experts, talent agent specialists, and a computer science PhD and Harvard dropout alike.
A spicy package of cash and options. Fun perks like a work from home setup stipend, office membership, exclusive museum and gallery passes, and a Discord full of channels with some terrific banter.
Flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, along with all-expenses paid quarterly team gatherings in fun places worldwide (in our 9 person offsite this March in LA, we somehow had Justin Bieber eating at the table next to us... coincidence? I think not...)

So come double tap our application

Fill out this quick application with your info and a couple quick q’s
Chat with our team and learn more about what we’re doing
LFG!! Come build the internet’s museum with a rocket ship team.